Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Is it as hard for you to focus as it is for me? I have been intrigued at the degree to which I am not able to be present. It is as If I am everywhere but in the present. And when I make it a point to be present, to be in the moment, I find it about as easy as balancing a watermelon on a finger. And I wonder what it is I am really living out if not a presence of mind. (Mindfulness). I wonder if I am abnormally not in the present, or is this the normal human condition, and if so, why would we be so disposed? Are some people more present oriented than others?

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Anonymous said...

Is this your first entry? I'm trying to catch up and want to begin at your beginning. I have not been able to focus for years. As to being present, sometimes I wonder whether that is not the ultimate avoidance of the ongoing ebb & flow of obligations which started at some moment past and continue on into an as yet undetermined future...existing in the moment only allows me to excuse the strands of time.