Monday, March 9, 2009

The mind, as amazing a contraption as it is, does have the side effect of delusional thinking. Ego and intellect entrap me in a realm of existing that seems, at times, antagonistic toward presence of being. Being present. Centered. Home base exists with the ego and intellect as satellites. Centeredness in being. An absolute coordinate in time and space, yet what an illusive place this is for me. Being present. Fully present as in "the sacrament of the present moment" holds the hope of peace an contentment and truth. All that alludes me in the realms of ego and intellect. All that you would think the ego and intellect would desire. Except for that control thing. That's a problem. I am attempting to connect with what I think is real and natural, but which is as illusive to me as thinking-less presence. Because my life demands that I learn more than the entrapments of intellect. And because my soul longs for peace and acceptance and the kind of gentile wisdom that provides a counter reality to the news of the day.


John Hayes said...

I believe that "gentle wisdom" accumulates over time-- given the chance to do so; not sure there are any real shortcuts, Interesting meditation.

I did a series about clawhammer banjo on Robert Frost's Banjo back last fall-- you could find it if you were interested by searching "clawhammer" at the blog, or by clicking on the label "banjo" (tho this would also bring up other posts) in the labels section toward the bottom of the left hand frame. However, a site you certainly ought to check out is Tangier Sound. That has a lot of great info for clawhammer playing.

Linda Pendleton said...

I beleive the world we are living in, the media influence, and all the garbage, tends to move us away from our centeredness and emotional peace. It's up to each of us to reclaim our optimisic sense and empower ourselves.