Friday, March 27, 2009

Today will almost (except for a quick dump run this am) be a pure day at work. I am finishing a basement. I have my work set up to where I'll have one thing to do all day. Take premixed mud out of boxes and get it on the walls and ceilings. The corner bead is on, the tape is on, all my screws are set and everything should be set for pure wall mudd'n. Today will be the first coat. It's hard work. Especially on the wrist and arms. It is monotonous and It amazes me sometimes that I can bear to do it all day long. But today I'll only use one power tool (a drill to whip up the mud) I won't have to plan or think or measure. There won't be any risky maneuvers or critical decisions to make. I'll be alone and listening to music or talk radio, kind of like a mole in a hole digg'n away, oblivious to what is going on above ground. I just remembered my last near incident at work. I was putting up the mesh tape in a ceiling corner standing on a two foot latter. I managed to tangle my feet together somehow and as I fell I missed the two by four stud I thought I would grab and ended up hitting the cement floor completely laid out. I thought I had broken my hip. It was kind of like when you think you must have just been shot, and you start checking for the bullet hole and realize they missed. I was sore but undamaged. Thank you Lord. It's funny how the incidents come. It's very rarely when you are doing that thing that looks foolishly dangerous. And almost always when injury is the last thing on your mind. Like trickster demons waiting till you are off guard to bump you. You know, the ones that move your mouth just a little when you have white shirt on and try to take a sip of coffee. Good day all.


John Hayes said...

Carpentry & construction is tough work. I've done some woodworking & carpentry both when I was younger & also for the first several years I lived here in Idaho. It's true (usually) that you're most at risk when you're thinking least about it. Be safe out there!

Linda Pendleton said...

I agree with John, be safe out there. I read today that many people injure themselves by tripping over their pets or being pulled and falling. Dogs more responsible for the injuries than cats. So you never know.