Sunday, May 24, 2009

Above is a photo of a recently completed basement finish. (less carpet which I did not install) This was my first wainscot almost 400 linear feet. I made the parts and pieces (oak) at home and assembled it on sight. I did all the work on this job myself from design of the floor plan to the last switch plate cover. I don’t usually paint, but did this time. I experimented with a new spray system for the woodwork, which I also used on the antique dresser (Below) Still have some getting use to with that.

The following thoughts came while I was pondering why I am not doing more to move myself from where I am (work and career wise) to where I want to be.

Reality is either all locked up against me, or it is wide open to me - depending on how I choose to approach it. I can see a road block at every step, if I am needing, for some reason, to see that way. Or, I can see possibility, and all its exponential multipliers, at every step - if I choose that perspective. The question is not so much whether life is closed and restrictive or whether it is open and full of possibility; it is both. The question is: why would I, given the choice of perceptions, choose to see it as closed and restrictive? Trying to honestly answer this question, of course, leads to the real heart of the matter: what do I get out of seeing the obstacles instead of the possibilities? What is it that is threatened by the possibilities so much that I would rather not look at them? If I see obstructions I have given myself excuses. If I see possibilities, I confront my fears- of change: of success: of failure: of not knowing. which brings me full circle to my faith and belief that life is what I choose to make it. And so I regain some courage and motivation to go at it some more..


John Hayes said...

Good analysis of the contradiction between being "blocked" & being "open." & the besement looks great.

Linda Pendleton said...

Very good, Randy. You are right, we do have a choice.

Your woodwork looks great. Fine job.