Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Collective consciousness, the dynamic that makes the hundredth monkey thing work. Speculation, of course, conceptualization of a connection, made popular by Jung before the realization of the internet. Do we not now have a mechanical collective consciousness? When I can pose a question and send it out, and get a response, on any thought I may have. When we can check the pulse and vitality of a trend, or an idea, or a belief. When we can tap into what we are collectively thinking, dreaming, pondering…, what else can we call this? We are able, apparently, to just sort of slip into the realization of science fiction-esque realities. New toys. New capabilities. New preoccupations, all folding into our lives like vanilla extract into pancake batter, effortlessly, smoothly. And now here we are, sitting at the keyboard of a mechanical collective consciousness. Hardly knowing, I am guessing, the potential of such a capacity. Or how it will change the wiring of the brains being synapsed together under this new dynamic? Exciting or terrifying; this brave new world? We take it and run, like a kid given a kite string. Off in any direction, heedless, uncalculated, exuberantly. What else could we do? This is what we are…children of this universe.

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