Friday, May 29, 2009

Ok, In the spirit of full disclosure.... and inspired by all the blog poets, I will venture this tender foray into the genre

Turkey Night

At dinner time on this cool eve
When shortly after prayer
Our precious little girl of five
Became at once aware

The turkey there we’d primed to eat
All golden brown and steamed
Had been a turkey live and like
The wild birds by our stream

The fact this one was from the store
And came to us pre cleaned
And that no blood was shed that day
Did not appease the scene

Our sad girl’s eyes did wet
And then a stream began
Down her face into her plate
And off to bed she ran

We sat not knowing what to do
We hadn’t really thought
We took it with out saying
That she’d connect the dots

She’d eaten fish and fowl before
And ham and pork and beef
All purchased in the grocery store
In packing nice and neat

But on this sad and tragic day
Our baby’s mind was reeled
To learn this meat upon her plate
Had once stood in a field


John Hayes said...

That's really cool, Randy-- touching, & leaves me with a lot of thoughts about how we connect to the reality of really basic things like food.


Randy Watson said...

Thanks John