Friday, June 19, 2009

I am excited to try out my father's day present from my wife. She found me a canoe. It's perfect. have been looking for a used one, and she found one in good shape. There are a lot of lakes around here to explore. Slowly. peacefully. Thanks hun.
photo by Eva


John J. Franks IV said...

You are one "Fortunate Son" sir!

All I get for Father's Day is Radiation and Isolation!

Not complaining (really) Just an astute observation. In fact in many ways this is the perfect Father's Day Gift, If it indeed works correctly. I will be able to have more and better quality time with my Family.

Seems we all get what we need, most of the time. Even if it is not want we want.

I truly am happy for you and your Family. I hope you enjoy them all and the canoe on your day!


With Sincerity,

John Hayes said...

Canoing is fun! Slow-- peaceful-- quiet.

René Wing said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you some lovely, peaceful, meandering canoe rides. sounds wonderful.

Is that the same banner photo you've always had or did I just notice it better? It's very beautiful.