Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life bits: Sold the base guitar and the Hollow body electric guitar and bought a nice small tube amp and a nice acoustic electric guitar. Happy now with the toy set up. Also downsized my pickup truck by four cylinders and quite a few inches. Doubled my mil age. Willing to adjust a bit for the triad off. Yesterday rented a truck at Home Depo to haul a heavy load to a job sight. Have plans to put in the canoe on the Missouri river at Kaw Point and float down to La Banette park. Guessing two or three hours and industreality by the waterway. Going with a friend Jeff. Playing a lot of banjo and guitar. Obsessing somewhat. Maybe escaping. Enjoying the noise.

be well


John Hayes said...

I say: enjoy! Life is short--happiness is not to be taken lightly!

Linda Pendleton said...

Good for you, Randy. Have fun..