Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am down sized. A year ago I drove an eight cylinder truck. Now I have four. Four months ago I lived in a house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a two car garage and a shed – over 4000 square feet of living space - Now I live in a one bedroom one bath forth floor five hundred square foot apartment. I went from an acre of lawn to no lawn. From seven pets to none. I went from some ungodly number of cable stations and a land line to no land line, no cable, and a plug in the wall TV. I feel so much better now. I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend divorce. Divorce sucks. But downsizing is a good thing. I have my apartment set up very tastefully. I can comfortably sleep five; two in the double bed, one on the day bed, and two on the pull out couch. I have entertained thirteen people without a problem. I frequently feed the five of us and it all works smooth. I have a small TV that works in a small room. I have everything I need here and I like being here. I like going to sleep here, waking up here, coming home to (here). I like not having pets. The pet lover in me suffered a massive overload. I seriously consider copying and framing the part of my apartment contract that strictly forbids pets just so I can see it and rest at ease every day when I come home. I like not having the maintenance and the yard care and the worry about whether a branch is going to come crashing catastrophically into the house. I like renting. I own three other rental houses and I am so happy that in this one I don’t have to replace the fixtures when they break. Here, it‘s not my problem. That is worth a lot in this attempt to create a save sanctuary in which to heal and rebuild a live.

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