Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you can't be famous: Be authentic. Along those same lines: If you can't live in the wild wild west, or on the frontier, or explore space: than make the best of what there is around you. As for me, one of the best things about Kansas City has always been the West Bottoms. The bottoms was down town Kansas City till it got underwater one year in the 50's. Then they decided to move it up to the hill. There is a lot they didn't take with them.... Old brick buildings, stories, ghosts of cattle yards past. Lots of stuff. The Bottoms keeps thinning out. Big fires in old wood floored warehouses take buildings out. Some simply fall in on themselves. Some get condemned, though to look around down there you have to wonder how bad does it have to get before it's condemnable. The Bottoms is like the attic of Kansas City. A dusty old smelling place with boxes of mysterious curiosities. The restaurant in the pic's above (by the way that is a half order of fries) is actually below the level of the levee. I know this cause just after I ate there I went over to the levee and climbed around on it. Today the river is full. Very full. Over the levee is not so improbable. So not a lot of people are motivated to do business in the Bottoms. But those who do. Gota love 'em.

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