Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hero in Haiti. Sean Penn on the ground living out the best of humanity.
(post directly below this one is a link to full interview on Democracy Now. July 14)
I was uplifted and hugely impressed by an interview on Democracy Now yesterday with Sean Penn. He was interviewed by Amy Goodman in his refugee camp in Haiti. Wow!. This is the kind of thing I want to tell my kids about. These are the kinds of efforts I want to point out and say, there is heroism in action. There is bravery. There is compassion, and passion, and hope in the face of tremendous adversity. The interview is tremendous and heart wrenching. You can read it yourself if you missed it. I just want to say Thank you to Mr. Penn. For his efforts, for the uplift, and for the positive example. You keep going!


John J. Franks IV said...

I am proud that Sean Penn has stepped up and given of himself , in the midst of the tragedy.

I am disheartened that he had to go to a Communist Dictator for help, only because of the over regulation and red tape that exists in the USA!

The USA should have been and should still be the leader in the assistance of the Hatians.

I respect the fact that he did and that Hugo was able and willing to help in a very timely manner. Even if I completely oppose Hugo's politics. He did the RIGHT thing!

How is it that we the supposed Leader of the "Free" World did not and has not contributed more?

We can spend/waste trillions we do not have, on programs and baloney here in the States.

Rather than spending a few hundred million on saving people who are in more dire straits. People who can not fend for themselves and have no infrastructure at all.

I find this abhorrent and ludicrous!

Kudos to Sean and those who ARE helping.


Randy said...

What are you talking about John...Oh, you saw that part about Hugo Chaves. OOh... I see, yea, he is that bad guy in Venusla... (Spelling?)I got to say though, when he made the comment at the UN about the smell of sulfer remaining after G. Bush talked, He had me right there...

John J. Franks IV said...

I never said he was a bad guy I said I do not agree with his politics.

I find his totalitarianism regime distasteful at best. He has done many not so good things in his country.

He has shown he has a heart yes. But, one good act of kindness does not erase the bad things he has done and is doing to his country.

In this case particularly, I applaud him in earnest.


Yug Nostaw said...

Excellent interview . A hero yes. As are Amy Goodman and Rachael Maddow for providing the most accurate coverage of what the US is really about. Maddow's reports from Afghanistan are fantastic. As for Chavez, his doctors were on the ground before all the rest. Cuba had 408 on the ground almost before the quake subsided. Three cheers to Sean and all the other people who put feet on the ground and help at the loval;, national and international level. If you live in a Democracy you are and an activiist by the nature of the of the concept of democracy. Real democracy cannot survive without activists. For grins, Chavesz was elected twice by popular vote.