Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poor Man's Therapy
A small bucket of golf balls at the public range cost $4.00. That's about 35 golf balls. A used driver can be found for $5.00, and a really cheep new one can be purchased for $20.oo (the driver, unless you break it can be used over and over again). Here is how i get my cheep therapy. I take my bucket of balls and move over to a place at the range where no one will be bothered by my muttering to myself. I get a ball and put it on the tee. Then I name it (the ball) as a resentment. This requires some level of self-reflection and rudimentary skill at knowing what a resentment is. So the golf ball is a resentment. Then I have a little dialogue with myself. "yep, I resent ______ alright." "that is a good one." "I don't particularly want to carry this resentment around with me - do I?" "Not really" "I think i'll put it out there about 200yard in this field and just leave it there". Having decided I don't want to carry that particular resentment back to the car with me, I then go through my best attempt at a golf swing, and smack it out into the grass somewhere. It doesn't matter if I hit it well or not. As long as it goes out into the range. This mental exercise combined with the physical exertion of the golf swing, and the pure cathartic effect of smacking something very hard, is surprisingly effective. I am pretty sure it is just as good as talking to some shrink for $90.00 or more an hour. It does a lot of good for me.

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