Sunday, October 3, 2010

* pic care of google images (burning man)
...being put out of the house, as it were, like a dog no longer wanted, or a furnace that isn't efficient enough any more, or a picture you once thought was extraordinary and no now just makes you feel stupid... one finds oneself on the proverbial street looking around and wondering what to do with oneself. It's funny the notions that pop into your head. "Hey I could do this or that or the other thing I always thought I would do...." But you always thought a lot of things. And didn't do them, and back then, you had a house -- a bowl of food -- chew toys. The street is full of the young and restless. And you are not that anymore. All the old dogs are inside somewhere. You become conspicuous. Conspicuously older. Conspicuously by your self. Conspicuously trying not to appear conspicuous.

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