Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweat lodge in Baldwin Kansas. The Light Center. New Age Hippi Voodoo place alive and kick'n in the great state of creationists. The lodge is the dome shape of sticks. It gets covered with the blankets hanging in the background. Then plastic. A big fire heats rocks for the sweat. It's a ceremonial event. Though, like most things, it varies wildly based on who is leading it. Go in open minded. Sweat out a few months worth of impurities, and leave it at that. Or make what you want of all the traditions, rituals, and what not. We had a thunderstorm and rain the night we did this sweat.

tangle and bramble
thicket and thorn
stumble and curses
mischief and scorn

A loose affiliation. Friends of friends brought together: "do you want to get away?" "sure". Drive into the country. Meet people there. And dogs and cats. And the kids living in the house. And the lady that owns the place. Look around the land. Find a way across the creek. Go over to the meadow. Walk the labirinth in the garden. Sleep in the yurt. Walk the dirt roads and talk with a new friend about life and God and work and history. Eat chilli and salad and donuts and apples. Say good bye and drive back home. An interlude. For what it is worth. A place to do that. Provided. Easy and cheep. Heritage.

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