Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am moved into my new (old) house; for all extensive purposes. I still have the apartment, but all my stuff is out, except some cleaning supplies and my honey pot for coffee. Both of which I need here. I have pis ants and a raccoon. The pis ants are some how getting into the center of the house and focusing their attentions on my dining room table. The raccoon is apparently living under the porch. A neighbor lent me a trap, and last night I thought I had him. But he managed to spring the trap and get the peanut butter trey through the side of the cage. I have a lot to do yet. I have to run a gas line over to the stove, and get power and water to the washing machine. I need a dishwasher and to hook that up. The bathtub drain leaks and has to be rebuilt. And there is a serious shortage of electric outlets in this house. That, and mowing, and cleaning, and weeding, and, oh yea, the garage roof. There is much more. Plenty to keep me busy "doing" for a long time. I am happy with the house, though, and it still feels like a good choice. I had a lot of thoughts about how things would go into the house, where I would situate myself and my stuff. Some of those ideas are working out. Some not so much. My approach now it to just live with the house and make decisions after the house has time for it's own input.


John Franks IV said...

I like the new digs! Good Luck in your renovations of it.

Hope the place make you feel at ease once more. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

you put honey in your coffee?