Monday, June 27, 2011

"it's a God thing" Paint colors-- really? Why not? So, I've been buying oops paints at Clone Despot (Home Depo). $30.00/gal paint that wasn't just the right shade of beage for that discriminating Johnson Co. Wife(or her stay at home hubby) on sale for $5.00/gal. [I,m not that descriminating]. So I pick out tones I like, mix them together, and make colors no one can ever color match. I had this idea for an accent wall in turquoise, somewhere indescriminate to play off my turquoise dining room table. Today I hit the mother load of oops paints (in Johnson Co. ofcourse) Beage's and brown's. There was one that was not marked with the costomary smudge of paint on the lid to let you know what you were getting. But it was an expensive gal. of paint. so I bought it. this evening when I opened the mystery paint color. Yea, It was the perfect shade of turquoise. Sorry, But that has to go in the "God Thing" catagory.

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