Monday, September 26, 2011

It’s the little things. Coincidence or God? And For the record, I don’t think of God as a humanesque, being. Or even something with a conscious awareness anything like what we can comprehend. (Sorry to my Judeo/Christian/Moslem friends with anthropomorphic notions of an old man in robe and beard. I mean no disrespect). So. Story. I drove to Liberty to get the hardware for my cabinet job. A plastic bag full of twenty four parts and pieces. Twelve hinges and twelve corresponding hinge base plates. Got the bag, got in my truck and started to drive back to the shop. Decided to pull one out and assemble it with the base plate just to make sure I got the right thing. (Doing this while driving). Wasn’t right. So, turned around and went back. Got the hinge guy and said they were not right. Turns out, the bag of parts and pieces was right. But I had pulled the one piece out that wasn’t. Out of 24. There was exactly one incorrect piece. So. That one piece would have required a return trip. An hour of time. Frustration. And some is cussing. Coincidence or God thing? Seems kind of God thing to me.

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