Saturday, December 17, 2011

We watch the sun set from the interior of our cars. In controlled temperatures, at high rates of speed. Going somewhere. The earth turning and the play of light against our atmosphere is a background screen. When was the last time you stood in a field, or on a mountain, or in the desert and watched the entire sunset? For me it has been too long. Too many sunsets passed in staccato glimpses, or gone by with no awareness at all. The tempo of a sunset is agonizingly slow. If you are like me, to actually stay in one place, with one focus of attention, is almost physically painful. I have trained myself to move from one thing to another at a pace that has nothing to do with the pace of the turning of our sphere. I am out of touch with the natural rhythm of a day. With the still and quiet of dusk, and the settling at dawn. Is it any wonder I am out of touch, also, with the voice of a natural would. With the call of the wild. With the temperature and composition of this earthly home.

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