Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A.G.E.I.N.G. in the age of eternal youth.  It’s kind of like this.  You start to wonder who that is in the mirror.  It’s recognizable, but it isn’t you.  You may be in there somewhere.  But you can’t’ really put your finger on it.  You don’t feel old.  Well you sort of do.  Your body feels old.  If it’s like mine.  Maybe yours doesn’t.  Mine does.  It feels old.  Here is just a word of caution to the young.  Never say, “God, whatever happens, don’t let that happen to me”,cuz it will.  It is assured that God is a lover of Irony.  Age just means we don’t recover so fast.  Use to shovel snow, got tired; next day didn’t even remember it.  Now, not so much.  Feel it for a long ole time.  Use to be sharp as a whip.  Now – not so much.  Ok.  So Y.O.U.T.H, yea, the young.  This guy across the street, this am…, snow storm of the decade, thinks he is gona jump in his car and just takes off.  Not so much.  A.G.E.  has to shovel/push him back into his drive way.  Not cuz A.G.E is so nice. Or wants’ to.  But because A.G.E. doesn’t want this stupid kid’s car in the middle of the street to stop the snow plow form getting through.  A.G.E. just gets that way.

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