Thursday, August 22, 2013

I don’t care if Bradley Manning wants to be a he or a she. It amazes me how focused we are on his personality and not on the information that this person was courageous enough to disclose. This person is going to jail for 35 years for blowing the whistle on crimes against humanity and war crimes, while the perpetrators of the crimes he brought into the light are free. I find this disgusting. It was demonstrated in the trial against him that justice in America, when it comes to people of power and influence, is about protecting face, not liberty or justice. Bradley Manning’s only crime was to embarrass the government of the United States by shedding the light of truth on the improprieties that were taking place in front of his eyes. A lesser man (or woman) would have turned away and left it all to secrecy. In the world I want and long for, Bradley Manning is a hero, and the perpetrators of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, are brought to justice. But this is clearly not the world I want- or long for. Please read up on the trial. Especially on the government’s own account of who was actually harmed by Mr. Manning’s disclosures. It is a stomach turning display of shameless brutality to hold this man as a prisoner while those whose actions harmed so many go un-scathed.

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