Monday, June 8, 2009

Having a house I remodeled on the market for sale for months with out a nibble (go figure) I decided to put it on Craig’s list for rent. I made a blog spot link with pictures ( and have had a good response. I am getting calls from the kinds of people I thought might, as I did, find this house intriguing. This was a labor of love -- it sure wasn’t a labor of good business sense. It almost killed me as the house is on a stair walkway, no driveway to the house itself. So everything was hauled by hand up and down the stairs. Everything. I think it’s 55 steps down to the house. Or 75 ish up from the street below. I bought it as a dilapidated wreck. Of course. Took it down to the sticks, reconfigured it, and completely renovated it. Take a gander if you are interested.


John Hayes said...

Looks like you did a beautiful job on it-- best of luck with the Craig's List ad.

Randy Watson said...

Thanks John!

John J. Franks IV said...

Sir! You have seriously outdone yourself on this project!!

It kind of reminds me of the place in Manitou Springs. Almost a day hike to the front door! :)

Very beautiful work, truly incredible!