Monday, June 8, 2009

Strange indoctrination
Into the cult of the horrific disaster
Children chasing after each other
Beneath the scowl of the preaching master

Ladies push out stiff harmonies
Standing unwavering looking
To signs of end times
In hem lines of a skirt

Cobbled notions
Held fast against the press
Of doubters
Jaws clinched against contradiction
Singing praises

Dressed for rapture plainly
Pale and sturdy
Scorn tossed inflections
Toward the world
That is dirty

Children wide eyed and bright
Beneath the dust and
The weight of a book

Learn stories of pilgrims
Dimly echoed
Through kindly voices
That all will soon end

By fire and war
And wrath of anger
By the sward of an angle
The wicked will linger

While the few and the knowing
That hold to the end
In stiff obedience will rend

That glory unending
For whom time goes faster
And witness smug knowing
This longed for disaster


John Hayes said...

A dark vision, but I think you created it very effectively. Good job.

Randy Watson said...

Hey John, yea it is pretty dark. Thank heaven for light interludes.

be well