Friday, June 26, 2009

I slip into the habit of slogging through my days when I could be dancing through them. Not literally dancing, but dancing in the sense of being moved by the day, flowing with it, having a spirit of joy and freedom and expression and wonder… You know; dancing. The eyes can dance from vision to vision, sight to face, to structure, to light and shadow, to contrast and color. The mind can dance through a thousand notions. Of past or future or present ambling. It is an option. In every moment it is an option to be fascinated and engaged, or carried off in a play of wonderings. So why do I so often slog through as if each day is a sentence of drudgery. What’s up with that? Something habitual, or a propensity to settle into a funk - some need met by a vibe of negativity. A need for mild depression as if some dark man inside likes to indulge it. I must be part that. Or I would have nothing of it. Who could look at the options and choose to be slogging and cynical and tired and dreary when all the alternatives exist at a moments choosing? Breath. Look. Think. Dream. Create. It boils down to such basics. When I cut through all the hogwash the day is here to be lived. Would that I were prone to dance it instinctively. But I am not. But I desire. So I shake myself time and again, and again, a hundred thousand times if necessary, and remind myself what I am missing - by choice, not by circumstance. This day holds more than I can imagine. It will manifest to me as I see it and I will see with the eyes I look through.


John J. Franks IV said...


Incredibly well stated!

We all have a tendency to "not see the the forest for the trees" as it were.

Not "the big picture" per se, but purposefully and knowingly we have created a "tunnel vision" in which we live. A comfort zone if you will.

A rut, funk, habit, or just a routine. How ever you'd wish to classify it, if that be your need.

Adaptability, or even Coalescence with your surroundings. Yes, one should always attempt to see, be and experience the wonders around them.

By doing so one will find even more wonder about themselves and the Life around them.

This is just an opinion....


Randy Watson said...

Hey John, thanks for the comments.

be well.

John J. Franks IV said...

Caught me on a Good Day :)

Live Long and Prosper....

Linda Pendleton said...

When you look at flowers such as those, it is difficult to not see how beautiful life is, each and every day.