Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is the season of torrential rain in KC. Amazing amounts of water falling from the sky. Part of why this area is so green. Extraordinary green. Green like a dragon pouncing, claws growing and swiping at any available space. Grass is tide rising and shrubs a crashing wave. I have little doubt that a season or two with out people here to beat back the brush, this great metropolis would vanish under a tangled mass of branch and leaf. I wonder if, like the virus’s that grow resistant to ever stronger antibiotics, this greenery, so long subject to the mower blade and week whacker, has not become a super strain of bio aggression.

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John Hayes said...

Hi Randy:

I've only passed thru KC, but I did spend a week in Columbia in the summer 20 years ago (almost excatly) & I remember it was really lush & green.