Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am 46 years old and all I want to do is hide in my office and make sounds on guitars.
So much to try, so little time.

I remembered something (unrelated to guitars this morning) mulling comments around from friends and broadcasters. It's easy, these days to find a hundred things to stand against, and forget what I want to stand for. Peace and Love. Sustainability. Humility. Soulfulness. Someone sent me an e-mail asking me to boy cot Fox news. Ok, that will require no effort what so ever. There is something that happens when I am focused on what I don't want to see in the world and not on what I do want to see. A subtle shift in energy force. I am so inclined to go there. Spiral all the way into a cynicism abyss. Fortunately, I am also capable of getting positive. Of changing my mind and my vision. And when I ask my self directly, whether I want to be defined by what I stand against, or what I stand for, the answer is obvious.

be well friends


John Hayes said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with holing up with a guitar for awhile! & yes, it's clear from your blog--you know what your values are.

Linda Pendleton said...

It is easy to loose our focus at times and move out of the positive expressions and feelings and into the place that takes away our creative energy, but you know where you feel your best, and where you want to be, and I know that for myself, too.