Monday, August 3, 2009

Note: last night I downloaded a free music writing software program ( This is just ridiculously amazing. I know it is a simple version and the world of music software must be vast and complex. Put to be able to download this in a few moments and use it immediately, for free... This is one of those instances where the computers in our lives astound me. I am not a music composer, or a song writer, but I get little melodies in my head once in a while. Last night I put one on the program and printed out a beautiful couple bars. Very cool.


John Hayes said...

Music notation software is indeed pretty cool. I've tried some of the free ones, like Finale (free version) & PowerTab, & they do a good job. We also have Encore, which is one you pay for. A really good one for tablature (& notation, too, actually) is TablEdit, which isn't free but only runs around $70, I think these days, & is a really good deal.

Linda Pendleton said...

You've been quiet, Rand. You writing songs now? :-)