Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Drone

Caption Malone
will pilot a drone
from his soft chair in Nebraska
he lives off base
and commutes to this place
to a joy stick, a screen, and a Fresca

the drone he’s controlling
is most likely going
to the mountains in Pakistan
it’s loaded with rockets
and searching’ for pockets
of renegade Taliban

Captain Malone’s
flying this drone
cause he has computer game skills
the screen’s like a game
it works just the same
and a counter keeps track of his kills

Mohammad the butcher
lives with his sister
in a rock house on the side of a mountain
he’s poor and he’s humble
and hard pressed to grumble
but he’s sad when his dead friends he’s count’n

Mohammad’s son died
on a cold mountain side
when a drone plane was sadly misguided
by bad information
from a bordering nation
and an innocent gathering was sighted

Caption Malone
was flying that drone
from the other side of the earth
the mistake discovered
the bodies uncovered
and some money paid out to cover their worth

Mohammad’s half dead
he holds his son’s head
still reeling from the horrific event
while Caption Malone
drives his car home
another day at the office he’s spent.

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