Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What nots:

If my salvation is dependent on the condition of religion (of some correct religion being the chosen path ordained by God) I'm doomed.

How does being pro military and anti big government work? Isn't the military and military retirements, and military expenses the biggest single slice of the government pie?

How does being pro life (anti abortion) and pro death (for the death penalty) work in the same brain?

If you are pro gun and use the quip, "if guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns" what do you then quip when you also demeand a law against abortion.
(someone else brought this little gem to my attention)

How does being a "christian nation" jive with being a capitalist nation? Isn't capitalism sort of the anti-christian approach to life? Don't you have to exploit people and resources to get ahead?

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Linda Pendleton said...

Good points, Randy. Seems a lot of things don't make sense.