Monday, December 14, 2009

I try to live by the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I work this way. I don't like to be ripped off and so don't rip others off. I want to be dealt with fairly and honestly, so I try to be that way with others. I like to get a good service at a fair price, so I try to provide this to my customers. I also like to be appreciated and compensated for what I do well. And I try to appreciate the value of others. I don't hold these values because I am religious per se. I am sort of religious, but the golden rule just makes sense to me. It is logical. I don't set out to be constant with this value in my day to day interactions. This is just the way I am. As I have worked my business and dealt with life in this economy, I am increasingly aware that the golden rule and capitalism don't mix. It is not a golden rule based system we have in America, it's a rule of gold system. Capitalism is based in the principle of rising to top by stepping on the heads of those who fall before you. You have to exploit some one or some thing to get the extra... the over and above the fair deal that we call profit. Capitalism works in a culture of self interest and cold shouldering. I wonder what life in a golden rule based economy would be like?

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John Franks IV said...

Well, if you were going for eclectic impressions you aced it sir. It is called the melting pot by some, Society, or even the din of our existence.

Karma has a way of working no matter who is involved.

It is true, He who has the gold makes the rules, but Karma gets even with them as well.... eventually.