Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spent some time making a banjo practice stick for our Holiday traveling. I copied the neck of my new OB 250. I started out just thinking about a stick with strings so I could practice fingering chords and picking rolls. But ended up making it playable. It's nice an quiet so I can practise in the early am hours, portable to take with me to work, and would make a good billy club if I need a weapon. I had been looking for a use for the turquoise die stain too. The stick is maple and ironwood. I burnt the ends on the sander. the tuners are 1/4 carage bolts. You have to use a wrench to tune it. The action and intonation are actually descent. I used a table saw, a drill, a grinder and a sanding machine. Shaped the neck with a 3/4 round over bit on the router table.


John Franks IV said...

Now that is just plain AWESOME!

Only You would build your own banjo LOL! Very great job too!

Glad you are happy sir,

Merry Christmas,

Your Friend,

Linda Pendleton said...

Very creative.:-)

Happy Holidays, Linda

Randy said...

Hey John and Linda
Thanks for the comments

Be well.