Wednesday, March 10, 2010

are you watching the news? or old You Tube clips of the trade centers falling down? Or some other crap you found? Are you learning something new? or planning your next project? Or eating something to forget? Or fighting? Or worrying about something? like money? Or some other crap? are you laughing? do you have friends over? are you happy? do you have enough - stuff? you can get more. it's cheep. do you like what you are? can you rank yourself well above the Frey? don't beat yourself down. are you driving around? how many of us are there really? and how many of them? did you eat at Mc. D's.? a burger with cheese? Or Taco Bell? did it all go down well? have you gone very far? do you believe what they say on the radio today? does in matter? how many days do you have left?

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