Thursday, March 11, 2010

i can see Truman's house from here. (Truman as in former US president) It's a nice old house; big for the neighborhood, but not extravagantly so. White with lots of trim and gable details. It is sort of the well to do guy on the block's house. Not much more than that. It could as easily be the bankers house, or the local tractor supply owner's house. In Independence you have the Truman house and the Truman museum and Truman road and little sings with the silhouette of Truman in mid stride, like a ghost walking down to get a paper and a hair cut. He use to walk around here after his adventures in politics. No body guards. He would wave to friends on the street and bump elbows with the common folk just like everyone else. I have done remodel work in his boyhood home which is just a few blocks away and use to be owned by some family friends. It has a sign outside and is listed on the maps, but otherwise not preserved in any way. The main house is a museum and a national historic sight. The effects are all quite ordinary. But when I think of what an odyssey his life really is. To be a kid in the Midwest, grow up and go to Washington, and end up making the decision to drop the first atomic bombs ever; it stands right there with the adventures of Bilbo Baggans (spelling?). I think, looking out my window, that I might see a ghost of the old coot. But what kind of ghost could that be. Haunted by a hundred thousand people vaporized in an instant.

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