Saturday, March 13, 2010

i have climbed all over these hills. on sunny days. and in the cold and dark of winter evening. in snow and thunderstorm. with a light heart and with a heavy soul. i have pushed myself up these hills and through these vallies. i have laid under the branches on the leaves and sat perched on the precipice i have been someone else and someone lost. i have shone in the brilliance of genius and collapsed under the folly of ridiculous endeavor.

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John Franks IV said...


Reflectivity is like hind sight it is 20/20.

To know is to learn, to learn is to be open to ideas foreign to your own.

To experience is to gain wisdom, to gain wisdom is to realize how insignificant you truly are.

Your place in time and space are only important to you and yours, with any luck you will have a good effect upon those around you (you have).

Realizing this will ease the inevitable conclusion, that our existence is of little concern to the big picture.