Wednesday, March 17, 2010

there is a documentary movie about yoga on's a riot. all about people making money on yoga, and franchises, and power struggles in courts -- about copyrights of positions, and methods....
i got a book from a friend.... it's in the library.... i don't give a frick who invented what or who claims this or that.... or whether it's McYoga or some puritanical pretension to authenticity. i don't care about that any more than i care right now that you are suppose to capitalize the first word of a sentence and proper nouns. sue me. put me in a jail cell. and i can still do a yoga like pose.


John J. Franks IV said...

Well you are a better man than I, I would dislocated my pelvis if i tried that! Shoot me an email would ya? Like to know how you are doin.

truebuilder said...

RIP, Bruce Watson (one year ago today, I still remember his stories & his humor).

Randy --- this is for _you_ and your family; this is not a comment to be posted _re_ Yoga on Hulu. But there's no link to directly email you, thus the workaround. Please don't post in connection with Yoga & Hulu. And don't feel that you need to respond, I don't intend violating your privacy.

Glen Kilpatrick

P.S. I hope his two dogs and his cat found good homes. I liked them.