Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here is a notion I had while out on a bike ride. I was riding on a Sunday morning around the Square in Independence. Lots of churches here. No church, apparently, wanted to be unrepresented. So, I am riding and I am thinking, “all these people going to church, why is the world so jacked up?” Then a ponderable dropped into my noggin. “What if the world is so jacked up because of God?” I know people who, no matter what calamity or misfortune you mention, always attribute it to Satin. Or they say it is man’s sinful and rebellious nature. God is the good one, we, and satin, and all his minions are the bad ones. Funny thing though, on this same bike ride I went by the Truman house, and the Truman Museum. Independence is where he lived. So we have lots of Harry Truman stuff around the neighborhood. Including metal signs with a silhouette of Truman walking, which I find particularly ironic because I can’t help but think of the silhouettes left on the ground in Hiroshima and Nagasaki from people who were evaporated by the atomic bomb. But that is a digression. Truman, or course, famous for the drooping of the bombs, was also famous for the slogan “The Buck Stops Here” This beloved slogan apparently means that no matter what is going on in America, the ultimate responsibility to deal with it stops at the President’s desk. This is the sort of accountability we want form our leaders. The refusal to “pass the buck” down the line, or offer blame and finger pointing instead of ownership. Hum. Shouldn’t God’s desk have a “The Buck Stops Here” sign on it too? But no one blames God for the mess. This despite his supernatural and omnipotent powers. (And the fact that he supposedly created all this) The blame is always shifted back to us (blame the victim) or put off on some imaginary villainous foil and his army of mischief makers. It never really occurred to me before, but what a ridiculous notion it is to think of God, the creator of life, the universe, and everything, standing there pointing his finger at everything but himself. God blaming others for the mess his creation is in. If God made it, and it’s a catastrophe, doesn’t God have some responsibility? I don’t know. I am certainly no Theologian or Management expert, but some times I have to shake my head and grimace at the crap that gets passed off as leadership. Even from the uber powerful.

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John Franks IV said...

Pretty Amazing !

I have said similar things all my life and got bloody knuckles from
the nuns for asking those questions.

I honestly believe if there is a "GOD" he has the most sick and warped sense of humor ever!

You would think such a Loving, Caring and Omnipotent being would not allow his creation(s) be destroyed, killed, or maimed.

Then only to have humans recite why it is our fault. That "GOD" gave us freewill and the rest is our fault.

You would also think that if we are created in his image he must be on FUGLY SOB. Especially on a mental plane.

But, I digress. I am not a believer in "GOD" per se. I certainly do not subscribe to the notion that "RELIGION" of any kind is the answer.

Religion is for those who refuse to "Stop the Buck" with themselves.

Religious Folk tend to need a scapegoat, someone to blame for their own issues. After all what would this world be if people actually took responsibility for their own actions?

Instead of looking for the factual answers, they prefer to believe in fables and mythology.

An Emotional/Spiritual Crutch, Prozac for the Religious Believers/Faithful?

A magic wand to give reason for everything they can not comprehend?

Typically beliefs that fly in the face of known science and common sense.

But, yet the fallacy goes merrily on.

Great Post Randy, FINALLY!