Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ode to Earl

My neighbor at my former residence, the place I now call the big house, is an extraordinary person. A huge blessing to us as a neighbor and one of those people you are constantly impressed by. Earl lost his wife to cancer while we lived next to him. He has two very successful grown sons and a wonderful house. He is a decade or two older than me and keeps himself in great shape. He runs all the charity events and places at the top of his categories. He lives well, not extravagant, but does a lot of traveling with his kids and his in laws. He takes his father in law out often, works with Habitat For Humanity every Wednesday, and Volunteers at a food Kitchen down town on a regular basis. He spends a lot of his energy helping others. He is the kind of person that almost falls over himself to offer what ever help he can. One time he mowed our lawn for us. Because he knew we needed a hand. Mind you, that was an acre of hills and obstacles. He is always there when we need someone to watch the pets, or help load an appliance, or just get advice about the lawn. Earl has become a deer friend, and an example for me, as a man. I had another friend once who liked to employ the phrase "a prince of men". This phrase fits well for Earl.


John Franks IV said...

It is nice to have good people in your life be they friends, neighbours, or loved ones.

The trick is to learn from them and implement those qualities in your own life.

Aspire to be like those you Respect and hold in Good regards. It will do you good. At least, I have noticed that In my life.

Incorporate those qualities you hold dear, embrace the good in your life and try to discard the bad. (not an easy task I know)


Linda Pendleton said...

It is great to have a caring friend like that...