Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deciding to be in good spirits is not about deciding to be blissfully ignorant, or about deciding to wear rose colored glasses, or about ignoring all that the world, and this life, presses into my awareness. It is about realizing that there is a choice. That this world, and this life, are always both pleasant and miserable at the same time. Bliss and disaster constantly coexist in any given moment. I am simultaneously blessed and broken. It is a condition of existence. If I know this, and accept it, I become free to decide what I will choose to align myself with. I can decide whether to be miserable or enthralled. Or whether, to tone it down, to have a pleasant day, or make myself depressed. Sometimes I remember this when I am sinking into cynicism, or find myself getting bitter or resentful. Sometimes I don't. But my tolerance for staying negative is very low. I am made with a spiritual constitution that simply can't handle the effects of too much stress, too much sadness, too much worry. So I decide, as I will today, to be positive. I know that decision is mine to make, not anyone elses. And I know that this day will accommodate what ever I am looking for. So the decision, for me, is an easy one.

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