Sunday, July 11, 2010

"One woman support system"
Lebron James doesn't impress me. For that kind of money, you should be ridiculously good at playing basketball. Obama - i was impressed, but now it just seems like he is reading the same old script. i am not easy to impress. musicians impress me, but only on a certain level. movers and shakers, yea, ok a little. activist risk takers for good causes, a little more. i gotta tell you, though, my sister impresses me. here is a woman with a tough job, social worker, that (as i mentioned before) far out heroes the shoot-em-up-ers and would be warriors we are so fond of falling over ourselves to kudo. She is mom and wife and sister and daughter, engaged in what seems to be the single minded cause of being as supportive as she can be. through my difficult times she has really come through as a constant and dependable friend and help. she is a terrific aunt to my girls and has performed amazing feats of energy expenditure in the effort to get my mom and her husband re situated. this effort alone, is, in a just world, commendable at the highest levels. we don't reward the kinds of efforts that my sister, and people like her, are making all the time. they do more for the betterment of the world than a Lebron James ever will. they work tirelessly at the little things. the things no trophies are awarded for, nor impressive income figures bestowed. i do not say enough what a gift my sister is to me. but i can say it now, and with admiration. you impress me.

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John Franks IV said...

Lovely Post Sir!

Well stated and written, Kudos to your sister for all she does!