Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remember those band saw blades? (post pic below some where) Here is use number one for a pile of rusted band saw blades. I still have a pile so stay tuned for more creative uses for them.

I am very excited that my Craig's list welder worked. It took a while to get around to wiring a 50 amp plug and breaker for it. And I had to do some reading about how to use the thing. Seems to work perfectly. It's first duty is to make security doors and window covers for the house-morph-to-shop project. Started that today.

Slab of steel, $20.00. Better welding helmet, $23.00. Playing with stuff like this for fun, priceless.

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John Franks IV said...

Love the use of the blades!


Just remember not to light your cigarette with the tip of the welder LOL