Saturday, August 28, 2010

There once was a terrible giant with a big stick in his hand and he made all the people in a village do things they didn't want to do. He stopped them from doing things they wanted to do. He made the fisherman farm the fields, and the Taylor go out to see. he made the butcher's daughter marry the hat maker and he made the preacher live at the hog farm. The children could make no kites, and the fiddler was not allowed to fiddle and the artist stopped from making art. He was a terrible giant with a mean disposition. One day the giant dropped his big stick and fell over dead in the grass. The next day the fisherman returned to his farming, the tailor went out to his boat, the butcher's daughter mended the hat maker's socks, and the preacher returned to his study at the hog farm. The children made no kites and the fiddler made no music and the artist painted no pictures. Each person in the village, in their own way, mourned the death of the giant for when he died, he took with him the blame for each of their sorrows. They had nothing to point to for a reason why they were unhappy.
Lord; help me to be responsible for my own dispostion. Let me assume the maturity necessary to recognize that I am the one responsible for the way I feel. For the choices I make, and for the consequences of my actions. Help me be free of the temptation to blame and resent.

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