Monday, September 13, 2010

I am not a huge amusement park fan. But there are some things you do in life for the kids. And If I have to do it, a day like yesterday is as good as it gets. Actually we had a blast. Secret. Go on a Sunday very late in the season, get the last day of the discount rates, stop at a sandwich shop and get lunch for later, load up on Quik Trip pop, and hit the pavement. We had perfect weather, and almost no lines. Rides that typically have thirty to sixty minute lines were walk on ready. All the big rides - walk on ready. Rode in the front seat of the Patriot just cauz we could. Very cool. Rode the Mambo (or Mamba, or whatever) three times consecutively. Why not? Very nice day. Oh yea. Spontaneity is sometimes a wonderful thing. decided to go that morning. Also, an economy in the crapper might help with late season crowds. Also, living in the bible belt and doing it on Sunday.

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John J. Franks IV said...

I miss wolrd's of fun love that place!

Kids or No it is awesome!!!