Monday, June 20, 2011

Piss ant wars. I have a decided size advantage, but they have the numbers. My house is under siege. Little armies of piss ants. They have me surrounded and have well established supply lines, garrisons, seemingly inexhaustible resources of troops. I have been using a barrier spray but it has proven almost entirely useless. My latest tactic is these little traps/bate devices. The idea here is that the ants will come in, get the bate and carry it back to the mother ship and (hopefully) to the queen ant herself. The bate is poison. If it works, it's brilliant. The numbers of worker ants, once an advantage, turns to a nightmarish catastrophe with all of them returning with their little poison pills. I have no idea how many colonies there are, One of my trees seems to be housing one. All I know is that there are a lot of ants here. I may be in for a protracted season of war.


Elizabeth Schurman said...

I have an invasion every spring. Poison does work eventually, as does moving around plants they like to eat. Mostly I try to be grateful they're not the giant fat carpenter ants like in the house I grew up in. Those were much worse. Good luck!

Randy said...

You are absolutly right Elizabeth. The big ones are nasty.

John Franks IV said...

" Ants go Marching "

Sorry could not resist.

Double-Sided Tape on the trails, you will catch many many of them. safe humane and ez to dispose of.