Sunday, June 19, 2011

R.e. Rocky Raccoon. I think I have decided to give the trap back to my neighbor friend. He is at fault for my wavering about whether I really want to trap the raccoon under my porch or not. he was saying that if you relocate a raccoon to a new area, they have to fight for territory and usually die anyway. So, if I take old Rocky across the river and let him go, I am essentially giving him a death sentence. (by the way, I have seen this raccoon. He's no model specimen if you know what I mean. he'd get killed). So I was thinking; he was here first. Maybe we can co-exist. Only the next day, after I was thinking this, I got in my truck and discovered little raccoon footprints all over my hood and windshield. I had just washed the truck the day before. Ok, so we will have a few things to get straight. Set some boundaries, learn alittle about mutual space respect. I can make an effort here if Mr. Rocky will show some willingness to meat me half way. We will see.

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John Franks IV said...

One part of the equation you have not taken into consideration.

Your Girls and said Rocky are not likely to cohabit-ate well. Disease and Rabies are a certain possibility.

Remember Rocky will carry fleas that carry plague and other nastiness.

For my Money I'd trap him and find and animal rescue society that would take him in.

Health and safety trump Rocky's right to stay....

"Rocky said doc it's only a scratch and I'll better as soon as I am able"