Saturday, September 10, 2011

Essentially what happened was that a band of criminal psychopathic religious kooks devised a plan and hatched it. Not, mind you, a Country. Not a formidable economic power. Not a strategic military threat. Just a bunch of religious extremists holding out in the most remote of places. They owned no tanks. No aircraft carriers. No nuclear weapons. They didn’t have a Pentagon equivalent. Or a nation’s industry devoted to the art and commerce of destruction. They were not a super power. Or a super power wana be. Or a big ole economy thinking they should have more of the pie. They were just a bunch of guys with beards, and Korans, and some really twisted notions about how to strike a devastating blow against Goliath. They were quite successful at that. Three thousand plus people killed and the absolute devastation of some of the most expensive real estate property in the world. Ok. Bully for you. (Let me just interject something here. It does not take a rocket scientist to devise a plan to kill a lot of people. And if you have, at your disposal, people who are willing to kill themselves in the process…than it gets a whole lot easier) So, bully to you. But I am not impressed.

So 9-11 happens….

“It was the best of times…”
In the wake of the attacks. America showed what it is. A beautiful spirit. The courage and sacrifice of the rescue workers… The tenacity of the survivors. (God bless). The way the loved ones tried to contact each other. The vigils. The outpouring of love and empathy and assistance….We watched all that and we were one Country, One spirit. One people. That was beauty in the response to horror. That was the day you said, “America is a beautiful Country!” “God Bless America”

“It was the worst of times…”

Then came the response. Immediately the call to war. WAR. Against what? WAR... The drums started beating. WAR… it didn’t matter… We were going to go to war. No matter that it wasn’t a War worthy opponent. No matter it was a criminal act, not an act of war… By God, We are American, and when something like this happens, we go to WAR. And we did. And so much more.

The dead, it seems, are honored more by wisdom than foolishness. Perhaps it’s just me, but after all that has transpired since 9-11, it seems America has done more to itself than a band of psychopaths, could ever have hoped,. In their wildest dreams, to have accomplished.

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John Franks IV said...

Maybe that was the whole point to terrorize us into self destruction.... seems to have worked quite well...