Sunday, September 4, 2011

Missouri is just a wet place. It’s basically a jungle. I am pretty sure that if all human activity was suspended, the cement and asphalt super structure of Kansas City and the metro would be overgrown and unrecognizable from space in two years. But that is just an estimate from a guy from the arid climate of New Mexico. I do battle here against the growth of God knows what. There are times when a weed whacker is like a toy water pistol in the face of a forest fire. There are times when I disparage standing in one place too long for fear a vine will wrap around my foot and pull me into the depth of some black soil purgatory. Sure, you have big tomatoes, and your corn fields are impressive, but at what cost? Have you seen the size of the spiders here? Do you know what it is like to come up against a six inch long stick bug?

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