Sunday, September 4, 2011

“The paper holds their folded faces to the floor and every day the paper boy brings more” Do you tune in, at some level, to the news? Do you watch TV? Or get your news off the radio? Do you ever wonder what the sane people in Germany were thinking during the rise or the Third Reich? You know they could not have all been crazy. People must have been watching what was going on and were thinking “this can’t really happen…” Hum…. My friends on the left don’t take the Palin’s and the Perry’s very seriously. My friends on the right…. Some of the nicest people, think the Tea Party is spot on. For what it’s worth. The top rated news programs in America are not ABC or CBS any more. And, sorry folks, they are not Maddow or Schultz…. Can you say O’Riley? Can you say “Fox News?” Think about it. Are you insulated from people you don’t like? What if you had a foot in both worlds? I can tell you from experience with that, the inertia is not on the left. It is not on the side of sanity. It is not about reason. It is about belief. And belief is highly malleable. Belief is putty in the hands of the skilled manipulators. If you are banking on facts and reality…. You might want to move your assets around a bit. The wave is about belief. Not about what is True. You are about to be swamped by it. You might want to make some adjustments in your paradigm calculations.

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Oh My Pink Floyd!!!!!