Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not sure why I am so drawn to the garden.  Why this particular endeavor, of the multitude of possibilities, has so engaged me.  It is novelty, for sure.  Having never done anything like it.  It is a fascination and wonder at the biology and the mass of organic matter, and the amazing forms it all takes; starting from the smallest sum of seed.   It is the organic wholesomeness.  The pure unprocessed, un-commercialized, un-advertised, un-sprayed, bounty of food. 
There is a fundamentally appealing vibration to a garden.  Like a note played on an instrument you love.  Just a note.  Just a pure and simple vibration that draws away all the toxins of distraction and focuses the soul on a single nurturing vibe.  All this…,  Beauty of the flowers,  the smells, the textures and surprises.   I love the dynamic between the unutterable consciousness of spiritual expressions we live internally and the outer expressions of what we are doing in the physical world. So often it seems to me they reflect each other.  The garden may be such an expression.  It is growing new food from old beds.  New life with new possibilities and new expressions from an abandon plot.  I can’t help but feel like the garden is an out ward expression of the new life and growth I am experiencing internally, unexpectedly, undeservedly, unintentionally.  Life is good, life is bountiful.

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