Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“With liberty and justice for all” The only problem is that it doesn’t work when power is controlled by the few.  Justice for all only works when the “all” to which it refers, have a share in actual power.  I like to think we did a better job in past seasons, you know -  democracy and all… maybe not so much.  These days I constantly hear stories of injustice and it amazes me that we still we get so shocked.  Especially the liberals.  “OMG that is so unfair.” Our righteous indignation button is pushed and we freak out.   A Poor man goes to jail for smoking a joint, while a rich man gets government bailout money for committing fraud and crashing the economy.  World leaders torture and get away with it; start wars and get away with it; lie about why people will die, and get away with it…, but God forbid a peace protester makes a stand at a nuclear bomb sight.  Boom; die in jail (check out Democracy Now archives about the protesters that threw blood on a Missile in a Silo).  Every day there is a barrage of assaults to the cherished notions of liberty and justice.  And every day there are cries of “foul Play”.   It concerns me that we hold onto fantasies in the face of the obvious.  It seems that in doing so we play into the hands of those who don’t care.  “Image flash of Dr. Evil, pinky in corner of mouth… “Oh, an injustice has occurred….” Evil cackles…”  Yea, it just seems like if we want to confront a real world, we have to do a better job of realizing what it actually is. Sadly sometimes this mean letting go of cherished ideals, (even the ones we are told are true all along).  I love the ideal of liberty and justice for all.  I think it’s an awesome goal.  But I don’t think it has much sway in a culture where power and control is held bya  very small elite of wealthy and influential.   But that’s just me.

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