Saturday, July 4, 2015

“If only Jesus had a conceal and carry permit… He could have just shot his way out of the crucifixion thing.”

Today I was volunteering at a fireworks tent helping raise money for my kid’s Christian school.  One of the others helping asked me if I was a “conceal and carry person”.  They seemed to think that it would be good if someone there was able to have, and to hold, a gun… just in case.  Just in case, you know, someone tried to rob us.   Maybe it would be good if, in such an event, we had some fire power.  Like a shootout is always useful in a tent full of men women and children.  It frequently amazes me to witness how oblivious a particular segment of the “Christian community” is to the incompatibility of the teaching of Jesus and the rhetoric of NRA. 

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