Friday, February 19, 2016

Politics is like us-litics…, what we see on the TV playing out is not very far removed from what we hear in the “still quiet voice” of our own psycho - and spiritual dynamics. We see the inconsistencies of the politicians played on brutally telling clips…, what they said then…, what they said recently….. Ouch. We see the lack of self-control: the slips: the transgressions…, the blatant self-interest…, and the greed. On a “world wide scale” we see the oil companies polluting the ocean, the chemical company with wonton disrespect for the integrity of a major river. On a very intimate level we see ourselves eating the crap at Mc Donald’s, or drinking a Coke…, what’s the difference? It’s all pollution. Big players pollute big areas. Small players pollute small places. We all watch with interest what is going on in the world. We want things to get better. I have a suspicion that what the mystics alluded to may be correct; that what plays out on the big screen before us is no more than a reflection of what is playing out on the little screen within. If you have hate inside, and hate motivates you, how much does that get reflected in the reality you see? If you have love in side, and love, and peace, are what you long for…, how much does that shape the reality of your life? Politics is entertaining, but how would we see it if we took it as a reflection of what we are? What if it was not so much about what they are doing, and thinking, and saying, as it was about what we are doing, and thinking, and saying…? What if the contest was not externalized as it is, but internalized…, and each one of us had to come to terms, not with the state of the union, but with the state of our own inner reality? I wonder what the world would look like if we looked within as much as we look at the show.

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